Fairy elven ear cuffs, tiaras, circlets

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Handcrafted with Love

All of Thyme2dream's items are designed and built from scratch. We start with a spool of wire and bend, twist, weave and wrap it to the shape needed for the piece we are working on, adding beads, pearls and crystals as we go...Every piece we sell is designed and individually handcrafted by one of the two of us.

Meet the Artists

Ian & Karla Hall


**Karla Hall: Owner, designer & fanciful magicker at Thyme2dream**

I love sharing magical and unusual things. Its always fun to see someone's face light up the first time they try on a fairy crown or ear cuff (yes, that includes adults;). Ear cuffs were a natural start in my jewelry journey- I never chose to pierce my ears but I love adorning them with fanciful things and I began to work out new ways to do this without adding any more holes. As I twisted the wire and dreamed of faraway fanciful lands in my "treehouse" studio, I began to create other magical adornments suitable for the most discerning fae and elven folk...Thyme2dream was born.

Artistically I am a "daughter of the south wind" inspired by the wild beauty of my native Kansas praire and magical faraway places like Scotland....I love the Art Nouveau movement-especially Alphonse Mucha- and storybook illustrators from the Golden Age of Illustration such as Arthur Rackham, Maxfield Parrish and Margaret W Tarrant

**Ian Hall-Circlet Wizard & Resident Scot in Charge of Booth Blether** 

I've always been a creative person who enjoyed crafting things, but I never dreamed I would do it for a living. I came into the Circlet Wizard role by accident when Karla wanted to experiment with making tiaras and asked me to make some bases for her to add some fairy magic to. She was still working a "regular" job back then and the bases I labored over sat on her shelf for weeks with nothing happening. One afternoon as she left for work I asked "where are the beads?" and set about blinging them myself...she listed and sold the first creation I made and I was hired on the spot. 

I've come a long happy way from my life in Scotland as an electrical engineer to the high plains of Kansas...when Im not twisting wire or talking like a pirate at a Renfest, I write novels in several different genres & watch a LOT of football (soccer to the yanks;).

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